Pet Loss Bereavement Coaching

Helping you through the loss of your best friend


I am so devastated,

Is what I am feeling normal?

Quite simply, Yes.

After all, the end of a relationship with our beloved pets can be one of the most difficult times of our lives. Each pet owner who has formed that special bond with their pet, experiences the exact same feelings as you. In fact, the grief you may be feeling is not only normal, but is a necessary component to the healing process and quite common.


Help Is Available.

Pet Loss Bereavement Coaching guides you through your grieving to assure you get through the healing process in the most comfortable of manners.

*In-office and phone consultations

*Day and evening sessions

*Caring and professional environment

*Private and confidential



Pet Bereavement Coaching supplies you with vital informations and guidance as to how and what to tell children about the passing of your pet.


Dr. Jeffrey Crausman Ph.D.

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